How the AMKBE works

The tasks and responsibilities of the AMKBE are clearly defined. Its most important activities are administration, inspection and reporting.



Case processing usually begins in the administration department. The AMKBE administrative staff receive reports if there is suspicion that the working conditions applicable in the Canton of Berne are not being complied with in an employment relationship. The AMKBE's administrative staff sift through the various suspicious activity reports and enter them into the internal system.

Suspicious activity report

Phone: 0041 31 381 57 20
Online: Report illegal work to AWI 

Reports of suspected illegal work are investigated on site by the AMKBE. When reports are made to the AWI, the AWI instructs the AMKBE to carry out inspections of illegal work.



Inspections are carried out in the various sectors on the basis of suspicious activity reports. The AMKBE endeavours to carry out the desired number of labour market inspections in the various sectors and thus ensure comprehensive labour market inspection activity throughout the Canton of Berne. The AMKBE also ensures that it inspects the largest possible number of companies and self-employed persons from Switzerland and abroad. It organises its deployment plans in such a way as to minimise travel time in the large Canton of Berne.



The inspectors use a software application to record what they encounter and enquire about during their on-site inspections. They also request documentation on the employment relationship from companies and self-employed persons. Based on the logs and the documents submitted, the AMKBE administrative staff write the inspection reports and forward them to the cantonal authorities or the relevant joint occupational commissions. It is then up to these institutions to assess the AMKBE reports and check the need for sanctions.

Impressions from Inspections

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