We bring light into the darkness

The Canton of Berne's Labour Market Inspectorate (AMKBE) shines a light on misconduct

The Canton of Berne's Labour Market Inspectorate (AMKBE) carries out comprehensive labour market inspections in the Canton of Berne.

The association monitors compliance with labour market regulations in the Canton of Berne. The AMKBE receives reports directly from people who suspect that wages are too low or that proper working conditions are otherwise not being complied with. Based on these reports, the AMKBE then carries out inspections and forwards the inspection report to the bodies responsible for any sanctions. 

In addition to labour market inspections, the AMKBE takes on other tasks assigned to it by social partners, other institutions or authorities. The AMKBE association was founded in 2008 and is managed by three parties (tripartite): Representatives of the canton, the employers' associations and the trade unions.

Do you suspect any irregularities in working conditions?

Then please contact the AMKBE:

Phone 0041 31 381 57 20
E-mail info@amkbe.ch

Do you suspect that people are working illegally?

In this case, please notify the Office of Economic Affairs (AWI).

The AMKBE will then carry out inspections on behalf of the AWI.

Report illegal employment to AWI

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